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Whilst working in the art department, I soon learnt that a lot of my interests could be genuine and transferrable skills for my specialism. One of these skills being makeup specifically.  From the beginning of pre-production for 'The Fall', I knew I wanted to bring a feel of magic to the angel character, 'Juliette'. Through Trial and error, and from working closely with the camera department to test looks. I was able to finalise these intricate make-up looks. And develop niche skills which I wish to develop further in future projects. The second look for 'Betty' was also extremely intricate and required testing with lighting and camera set ups to get right. Another element to this 'star' look, presented in the images above, was continuity and practicing the look enough times for it to be seemless for each scene when it would have to be recreated. Having experience in fine art has enabled me to have an eye for detail especially for continuity and details that could become missed during shooting. Both makeup looks have similarities to present the characters in the same world, which is also something that I enjoy planning for projects.

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