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A story of  friendship.

'The Fall' written and directed by Kitty Barnes, is a recent graduate film I worked on as production designer, costume designer and makeup artist. The gallery below shows a selection of my work for this project and a little insight into the film.

Behind the Scenes photos by Shakira Allen.

'Filthy And Wrecked'

'Filthy and Wrecked' written and directed by Blythe Paynter is a 1980's punk inspired short film.  This project required extensive planning for various elements such as set dressing and props to costume and makeup. 


The gallery below shows a selection of my design work for this film. 

Behind the Scenes photos by Joe Collins. 


'The Meat Wall'

The 'Meat Wall' was an interactive prop for a horror short film which I co-built with 2 other students. The final prop was made to fit inside a wall flat, and had movable intestines and a pump fitted to spray fake blood.

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